Headaches, breathing and sinus problems respond, often immediately, to this non-surgical hands-on manipulation. Stress is spontaneously released, imparting a more relaxed, even rejuvenated facial expression equal to Botox and fillers – a healthier anti-ageing alternative!


Kids appear to respond immediately to a session of EFT! They enjoy the ritual and, without the emotional baggage most adults accumulate throughout their lives, usually have no more than a couple of issues to treat. The aim is to always keep things FUN!

Arrive emotionally and facially stressed, leave chilled out with reduced blood pressure, which can impart an immediate anti-ageing effect, with not a needle or scalpel in sight. All this in one 90 minute session!

I am often amazed at how much softer my clients’ features become – their eyes appear brighter, lines diminish, and their whole expression is lifted – only because their underlying problems and fears have been sorted, with not a needle or scalpel in sight!  Just one aspect of my non-surgical facelift techniques offered at The Joy Salem Touch!

Illness can often be your body’s way of trying to communicate with you, to address the very issues you may have been trying to blank out. Sometimes we have become so expert at doing this that the body is effectively screaming out for our attention! My methods hit at the very heart of all these issues to enable you to move on and enjoy life! Now that I have removed all your stresses, your face will respond to all my non-invasive facial enhancements.