joy-and-craigCraig Rowe, presenter on QVC shopping channel

The Joy Salem Touch leaves you feeling refreshed and looking younger, it’s as simple as that.

I first met Joy in a London restaurant where she had recognised me from my TV work, I was immediately struck by her warmth and wonderful energy. She invited me to experience her unique work promising to get me “HD Ready”, I really did not know what to expect but I did know I was intrigued!

The first session was truly amazing; I made my way up to her beautiful home where the whole atmosphere is calm and restful. The session lasted a couple of hours and one thing I discovered is that Joy does not work on a fast turnover – she wants results! And results is what I got; immediately after that first session my skin felt smoother and looked brighter as well as somehow smoother, slimmer and much less puffy!

What is astonishing is how many people commented after that first session on how well I looked and asking had I lost weight because my cheekbones and jawline looked more defined.

Joy did say the results are cumulative so I treated myself to a 6 week course and the compliments keep coming and now we have the results we wanted I intend to keep visiting Joy for “top-ups”.

If you want to look and feel better in a calm, serene environment then the Joy Salem Touch will suit you down to the ground.

Craig Rowe – December 2010

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Paula from Maida Vale

Joy has given me facial treatments for over a year and she has truly brought me confidence in myself. This is a wonderful feeling!

I started off with coming to Joy every 2 weeks for 3 months and now I try to see her once a month.

Joy starts off with ultrasound on my face which immediately shows a huge difference. My skin feels firmer and more hydrated, supple. Then she massages my face (she says “hands on”) which is heaven. She does lymph drainage and “lifts” muscles on my face. Joy first concentrates on one side and then we look in the mirror to see the difference with the other side. Well… the difference is huge! One side seems “lifted” while the other seems as if it is sagging.

Joy always takes her time (which nowadays is so precious), talks to you, gives you advice on how one should treat their face and you are feeling like you are having a very special treat.

Joy looks AMAZING and is an example to me and hopefully, with her help, I shall look nearly as good as she does when I get older!

Sandra from Luton

I think Joy should reconsider the name of her business and call it the Joy Experience. She brings a smile to your face, as well as a glow. She is keen to ensure you enjoy each session which is tailored to your needs on that day. She has so many tools and techniques at her disposal that there isn’t much she won’t tackle in terms of health and well being. She firmly believes that all of this is at the root of anything that may be showing up on your face, whether it be wrinkles, blemishes or a sagging jaw line. Be careful if you are watching your waistline however, Joy makes a mean cheesecake. Thanks, it’s been fun.