Non-Surgical Face Lifts

treatment-roomTo put your best face forward, you need to feel good, but skin is the largest organ of the body and whether you’re dealing with one of life’s   major or minor events, our skin is where it always tends to show.

Joy’s treatments are based on logic and common sense, recognising the fact that bloating, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven tone, blemishes,  under-eye puffiness and tension around the jaws are an outer reflection of inner turmoil and physical imbalance.

Her highly original and specific facial manipulation techniques, perfected over the years, offer effective non-surgical, non-invasive face lifts. Originally developed to remove blockages, solve sinus problems, treat headaches and deal with fluid retention, Joy has taken these facial manipulations several steps further. Treatments will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and looking like a different person.

Treatments last around 90 minutes and include use of ultrasound, deep massage and manipulation as well as lymph drainage and intensive moisturising. They are equally suitable and effective for women or men. During the session, a number of digital shots will be taken to chart the changes taking place. Whilst some of her clients call it ‘magic’ Joy prefers to call it ‘common sense’. It’s simply, she says, about restoring balance, inside and out, like fine- tuning a musical instrument.

 What Comes Next?

Following your non-surgical facelift treatments permanent make-up can be applied in-house, by one of this country’s foremost experts, who  works closely with  Harley Street  cosmetic surgeons. Permanent make up is an ideal option to enhance your best features at the same time as minimising any you are not so happy about. Eyebrows and lips can be shaped and made fuller or you may opt for eyeliner that will enable you to  swim, sleep and even endure menopausal hot flushes, without any subsequent ‘panda eyes’.

Whilst undergoing Chemotherapy permanent make-up can be used to help re-create eyebrows and eyeliner (in the absence of eye-lashes) which renews your confidence and this can be undertaken whilst under doctors’ supervision.

 Skincare and Cosmetics:

Joy makes it a priority to keep her finger on the pulse of  the very latest beauty trends, which she will first road-test, before sourcing and supplying to her clients with personalized instructions.